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Chocolate is everyone’s favorite. Americans consume over 26 pounds of chocolate every year and for that extra special confection you need look no further than the unique confections shown here.

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Thirty years experience in selling to ultra high end stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue combined with our excellent chocolatiers, and innovative artisans assure you of the quality and knowledge that what you purchase here is unusual and unique. Whoever the lucky person is that receives our chocolate is sure to say WOW, and will wonder where these spectacular confections came from.

First Chocolate Products

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Two Ounce Chocolate Picture

The party favor to end all party favors, this 2 ounce piece of gourmet chocolate has a full color high resolution edible image printed in food color directly on the chocolate. These would be the highlight of every wedding, birthday, or social event. Simply upload your photo following the simple instructions and these wonderful chocolates will arrive at your door ready to astound your guests.

12 pices for $50 plus shipping

Half Pound Chocolate Picture

A truly wonderful gift, this chocolate frame has a full color edible image of anything you want created in our special blend of gourmet chocolate. Simply upload any digital file and we return this 4 ½” by 5 ½” delicious 8 ounce chocolate directly to you.

1 piece for $20 plus shipping

One Pound Chocolate Picture

This large gourmet chocolate photo is enough for the whole family to nibble on. A full 16 ounces 6 ½” by 8 ½” created with any full color high resolution image you email us.

NOTE: A high resolution image is needed for this size product. See our FAQ section for more information.

1 piece for $25 plus shipping

One Pound Chocolate Art

For those artistic individuals we have created some of the world’s greatest paintings in chocolate. Full color edible images on our one pound picture above. These will simply amaze those lucky enough to receive this delicious and beautiful gift. The colors are exquisite on these beautiful gourmet treats.

The Terrace by Renoir
Ballet Dancers by Degas
Sunflowers by Van Gogh
Water Lilies by Monet
Iris by Van Gogh

1 piece for $25 plus shipping

Three Pound Chocolate Photo

Invite the whole neighborhood. This huge 10” x 12” chocolate edible image picture will surprise everyone… and feed everyone too. Just like those edible images above you simply upload an image to us and we will put it on chocolate for your eating pleasure.

NOTE: A high resolution image is needed for this size product. See our FAQ section for more information.

1 piece for $50 plus shipping

2” x 3” Wedding Card

This small token chocolate has room for the name and date and the image shows lace and two wedding rings. This tasteful little favor for the guests is simply elegant.

24 pieces for $72 plus shipping

3” Lollipop

A large chocolate disc with any edible image printed in the center with FDA approved food color with a 12” stick. (Stick is optional – simply request it to be left off if you want a 3” party favor) Kids and adults alike love these delicious personal treats. These favors are perfect for a birthday, anniversary, retirement or any special occasion.

12 pieces for $48 plus shipping



Delicious 14" Chocolate pizza is perfect for the pizza lover and the chocolate lover. White chocolate “cheese” is drizzled over our gourmet chocolate pizza look alike.

1 piece for $50 plus shipping

Sun, Moon and Star

This gourmet galaxy of chocolate is stylized to reflect images of the universe using our special blend of milk and semi-sweet chocolate. These beautiful and elegant shapes are molded by our expert chocolatiers.

We have 8000 chocolate molds

Call for other available shapes and pricing

First the big question everyone asks:

  1. Is your chocolate any good?
    Yes, better than good! We blend a unique mixture of milk and semi-sweet Belgian chocolate into our own special blend. All chocolate companies claim to have great chocolate, but if you return to our home page you will find a beautiful gold statue that was given to us as first place winner, for our magnificent chocolate creations, by the judges at the International Fancy Food Show in NY for one of the worlds “Most Outstanding Confections”. This is one of only 40 or so that have been give out in the last 50 years. You won’t see one of these adorning many chocolate sites in cyberspace. In the confectionary world it is akin to the “Best Picture” Oscar.
  2. Who sells your chocolate?
    We are a well kept secret. While we have made chocolates for Saks, Henri Bendel, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Gumps, and hundreds of others over the years, we use their private label so you don’t see our name… you just get to taste our creative & delicious chocolates. Now you can buy it directly.
  3. What is chocolate?
    Very finely ground cocoa suspended in cocoa butter. It takes days to grind chocolate smooth enough to use. The finer the grinding of the cocoa the smoother it tastes and the more cocoa butter, the faster it melts in your mouth and more expensive it is.
  4. Where does it come from?
    Most comes from Africa and South America and the different beans make chocolate flavor as different as coffee beans do coffee flavor.
  5. Who made chocolate so poplar?
    The Maya and Aztec people, who drank it from pure gold cups, knew about it before1500 BC as Theobroma (Food of the Gods) , but Columbus brought it back to Europe as a bitter drink which caught on. It took Europeans 250 years to create the first chocolate bar. The giant leap for the masses came in the 1800’s when Henri Nestle found a way of adding milk and sugar to the mix. . Eureka… I think he got it.
  6. Why does everyone love chocolate?
    Actually we have run across a couple of people that said they didn’t like chocolate. We are unsure whether they were lying, or have some rare genetic defect.
  7. Where did our company learn about chocolate?
    From a delightful 85 year old gentleman by the name of Herb Knechtal, from Chicago, who took us under his wing and taught us the subtleties of chocolate… He was a consultant to Mars, Mona Loa and many others. Some of you might know one of his creations… Marshal Fields Frango Mints, famous for the last 80 years. We have been using what he taught us for the last 25 years.
  8. How long will chocolate last?
    Generally dark chocolate lasts up to two years if stored right (below 70 degrees) and milk chocolate should last up to a year.
  9. What is that white film that is sometimes found on chocolate?
    It is simply the cocoa butter that has come to the surface from mishandling. Too much heat or several cycles of heating and freezing can do it. It is still safe to eat.
  10. How much chocolate can a person eat?
    As much as you want of course. Now that we know that chocolate doesn’t cause cavities, pimples, and actually has anti-oxidants that are good for you, the sky is the limit. The average American eats upwards of 27 pounds of chocolate a year. Our employees are allowed to eat as much as they want. What a crime it would be to work in a chocolate factory and not be allowed to eat what you make. (I’ll bet Hershey’s doesn’t allow workers to snag kisses off the line.)
  11. How do you ship in warm weather?
    We use reusable ice packs when needed and ship overnight. Just throw these in your freezer and use them to keep your drinks cold when traveling.
  12. Do you really have a patent on the edible picture process?
    Yes and if you have any doubt you can look it up on the internet on the US government site. Search for patent number 6,376,000. And yes there are some copycats out there but their colors and resolution belong back in the dark ages with Gutenberg’s printing press. We never compromise on quality.
  13. Do you do custom shapes?
    Actually we have over 8000 shapes in our inventory, and make our own molds. We do special orders and sell in bulk so if you have something special in mind shoot us a quick email and we will try to assist you.
  14. What size should the picture be that I upload for the edible pictures?
    Send the highest resolution you can. The smaller pictures can use smaller files. The 2 ounce photo file can be 100k and work fine while the 8" x 10" pictures should be 250 Kb to 750 Kb .jpg images. While .jpg files are easy to send and work with, we can use almost any file. If, in our opinion, the picture is to fuzzy or there is a problem with the file, we will contact you. Our professionals will try to enhance your image as much as possible. (We print all photo images at 300 dpi at the actual size of the chocolate.)

    And if you have any other questions, we would be pleased to try to answer them.

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